Thursday, March 3, 2011

-7 pips

I don't like how I was feeling trading with two positions. It's worse then how it look on the chart. When I add second trade, average, if it didn't work I didn't want to get out where I should. I just didn't. When I'm trading with one position nothing can save me so I get out, that's why I didn't have funds on account for more trades. Now I moved some funds back from subaccount and it don't feel right. Marked with yellow is ride that's stupid. To let profitable second entry which was at +6 to go all the way back and make loss of -6. Last trade in gbp/usd, that addition could only make problems, so again no point in adding.
In eur/usd I also didn't have plan what to do, where will I exit combined position.
So two positions only make things worse today. Especially scary is that feeling when I should go out, want to go out, but say no it's big, stay more. That can make damage.
-14 half size pips

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