Thursday, February 24, 2011

+7 pips Tradable market

I like today's action, it's like something from before that I'm used to. Something is happening, there is real interest in moving a market. I blow up my first trade and closed it poorly. Because of that missing potential I shorted in my third trade and got stopped. It something that I do, when my original idea would turn out right and I missed capitalizing on it I switch sides. Just bad behavior. Fifth got stopped because of tight stop, maybe I should have closed it manually before. At least on my sixth trade I bought into support, so move to new high would recover all my loss so far and anything above would be profit. It would be totally different if I waited for new high, enter pip or two above and market would turn in next ten seconds. I really like my last trade. Gold was approaching yesterday's high and I caught nice starting position. It hesitated for a second or two at the previous high and I closed, not worrying will it break high or not. +15 half size pips

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