Wednesday, February 23, 2011

+11 pips

First trade was impulsive, not thought out, I moved stop on it. Yesterday I traded more freely without strict -6 pips scalp out, and then today just jumping in moving stops. Bad behavior is always just around the corner. Well maybe I need little more freedom sometimes, just that usually ends up in misusing it.
Second trade in eur/usd was planned scalp catching bounce from a low. Half size trades in eur/usd.
In gbp/usd I had idea that it could correct back up after it drifted some fifty pips down from news spike. I used quarter size and I'm glad about it. For those idea trades it's better to have lower risk so it prevents from marrying to that idea. It didn't move strongly as I suspects it will so I didn't have nerve to hold it which I probably should have because it developed nicely.

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