Monday, October 18, 2010

- 48 pips

I suck at trading. Trading isn't only you win some you lose some of the trades. Trading is being able to self control. So what if I know sometimes how to scalp? Majority of the time I'm not able to cope with the losses and I just make them bigger and bigger.


Anonymous said...

I've been sucking for a year now but still have hope because the system I use works, even if my mind doesn't.

I am using support/resistance/pivot points plus ichimoku/SMA/EMA.

It gives me good clues about where to enter and exit.

Once I learn to ALWAYS have NO emotion, I expect to be able to have some amazing days.

Let me know your email if you want to see screenshots of my setup.

btw, what is your system?

FX said...

Thanks on your comment.
My email can be found on profile page.
My system if I can call it that way is discretionary scalping.

I wish you luck in learning to always have no emotion.

Anonymous said...


I break my rules then I almost always lose the trade, which sucks cause even when I stick to my rules I can easily lose then too.

Do the math^_^.

Thanks for wishing me luck.

Risk Control Master said...

where is the report for this week? :-)

FX said...

Hi RCM, I didn't have any other trades this week. I was fuming few days and now I'm ok.
I was in front of charts today but didn't take any trade. That is part of what I was thinking on how to solve my situation. I'm trying to trade everyday like I'm some kind of hero supertrader and I can take ten's of trades a day. Well it isn't like that. Few market conditions suits me and it's better to sit longer hours in front of charts and wait then pretend that I can trade any day when I can't, profitably. That time component (how I'm doing daily, weekly, monthly) is like this is 9-5 job. Why should I trade evenly through time when on one day all is so aligned for me and on another I'm just clicking desperately trying to make sense of a market?
So it's all like some simple commonsense thinking that I neglected while looking for deep reasons of mine emotional pitfalls.