Wednesday, October 13, 2010

- 14 pips

Breakout really didn't want to materialize.
I notice that I close many trades that are marginally profitable around b/e or +1 in a moment when they turn against me. They continue in my direction afterward. So I pretend to stop loss from developing but I'm effectively cutting good trades. On another hand when trade goes in a loss of -3,-4,-5 pips I tend to hold it, then I'm not so eager to prevent loss (bigger loss). Just the opposite of what I should do.
A lot of skill would be needed that I don't currently hold to make today profitable day without breakout through 1.4000. Those little things add up as edge against me when I have 14 trades. I'm not dissatisfied because I'm learning and this is better trading then some other stuff that can be seen on this blog.

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