Friday, October 30, 2009

October 2009. results

+183 pips

+21 %

Only first ten pips were with previously used size, from that point size was double the one before. So starting leverage for new size was around 12 times.

I'm more then satisfied with results because I didn't expect that high pips win with bigger size. I was mainly scalping and I was satisfied even with 4 pips wins, in the end it all add up. I didn't move from my emotional nature but I'm trying to prevent problems as much as I can. Great thing is that it's shown how only scalping can make very nice profitable month.


Harvey said...

Nice month. Congrats fosho!


There you go buddy! it certainly does add up!

keep working on yourself ;)

FX said...

Thanks my trading friends!

Jules said...

Impressive, FX :-)
Very nice work!

FX said...

Thanks Jules