Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beyond worry for money

Today I got that experience very rare for me. Where I trade because I see the move and want to be in the market to capture that move, not worrying about money. It's such relief to enjoy at those moments free from worry. You got only positive stress, will it go your way or not. I've got that feeling after first couple of trades. I didn't use it too well because I was cutting profits because of trading from 10sec chart and I had too much trades. But anyway, it was great to felt that way and glimpse in to the state that I believe is the exactly right mind frame for trading. Absolutely detached from money, but cutting losses and capturing profits as best as I can.
It was similar experience like last year's Mental shift day.

So I started with some gbp/usd long trade that wasn't going very well. I was happy to be out of it. Then after false brake down I took very nice portion of next move up. Off course, too bad that I got out prematurely but it was ok trade and exit because move quickly melted back down

After that I was watching eur/usd, gbp/jpy and eur/gbp to tell me when to take next trade. In first attempt I took just scalp because it started getting back. In second I made mistake of getting out so fast because move materialised and I was out of the gbp/usd.
After that one were those detached trades, scalps. In and out.

+25 pips

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