Monday, November 10, 2008

Long ride

I got myself into position and after it was half an hour in profit I got married for it so I didn't want to let her go. I would stop myself out if top around 930 was broken to the upside. Reversal came and I was sitting tight, but after news I got shaken out and missed the ride toward 800.
All in all this let's say swing trading isn't for me. It's boring and I always get out too soon or too late. It was half size trade and it felt small to take 10-15 profit when I had it in first 10 minutes.
Well I'm better trader for taking just 10 pips than more but I always convince myself otherwise. It's easier for me not to be in the trade, so I can think more clearly. With this position on I was hypnotized for the whole move.

+10 full size pips



Very funny, I sent you a chart of my trading this morning!

The only thing that I can say to you right now is "I guess you haven't felt enough pain yet?"

get back with me later bro.

FX said...

Don't understand what you mean with "enough pain" remark.
If you think about not exiting earlier with a loss, well I didn't brake any of my rules. There was no averaging but it was tempting. Trading with half size give me enough space for trade like today. But true, I would rather that I took 10 pip scalp than sit endlessly in swing trade that I don't cash in at the end.

It is funny that we in the end took profit around the same place. I just wish that I have waited more after so much waiting because after my exit there was just free fall. But it's wishful thinking.

StockHunter said...

I agree, swing trading is boring.


yeah, sorry i guess i didn't know your 20-pip stop changed for half size trading.. is it 40 pips then?!?!

Yeah free-fall it did, wish I was in it too ;))

FX said...

Hehe stockhunter I see that Walt Disney treat's you well :D

Orion I now give myself 40 half size pips of risk each day to use it as it please me. Still it's probably better to divide it in 4 ten pips/risk shots than trade like today. I'm still fighting a war on discipline, so for me the best thing in a day is stay inside of discipline. I'm glad that you are making so nice profits and compounding your account at big speed. I'm not there yet, and now wish for myself to trade calm. Without problems that I had before, than other things like propper strategy will fall in place. I'm sure that you took a long road until you came where you are now. Shortcuts in learning curve can't be done.

For your method it takes great discretionary trading skill + belief in you system + belief that you will trade as system tells (big discipline).

StockHunter said...

Hehe, thanks DIS was kind to me today :).

Your totaly right about focusing in on discipline. Once you have that down you will be able to stick to a strategy/system. Without discipline a strategy will not work.

Took me about 6 months to get the kind of discipline I have now. I used to bounce back and forth from strategy to strategy, only to find out most of the strategies did work it was just me and my lack of discipline.

FX said...

Yeah you really do trade following your plan as there is no tomorrow. That is great. I don't remember that I read on your blog that you lost it and just went mad, as I sometimes do. That's some kind of trading maturity and I'm adolescent when trading comes.

StockHunter said...

My problem was more in the realm of chickening out on a trade and getting out too soon. And going back and forth from paper-trading to real eventhough I had already proven the strategy.

Thanks for the compliments :).

MarcoA said...

Do you like your method of trading?
Does it make some sort of big picture sense to you?. If so, keep working at it.

FX said...

Well yes Marcoa as you say I do have big picture of whole day ideas, but when I put everything down it looks that I'm better in identifying scalps. So I bounce between my bigger picture that I manage poor when I trade it and taking bits here and there.


Yes my discipline has taken me along long time to achieve so the profits I am reaping now are well worth the struggle. I too went through all sorts of methods, at first for the wrong reasons: because I was looking for the one that never fails. And then after realizing they all are not perfect I went through things again for the right reason: to see which one fit me the best.

just keep trying man, you will get it. There are to many good people watching you to let you fail. ;))

FX said...

No failing orion, I like to trade. Account is not so big so I can always fund it again, that's the smallest problem. As you say profits are worth the struggle. I'm overall satisfied with my progress, maybe it's hard to see it from day to day, but I like my big picture.