Monday, November 24, 2008

Dow Jones

Apparently there was rally in Dow Jones which pick up eur crosses. Last days I always look at something different to trade. When I want to trade eur/usd I look at eur/jpy. Now at the Dow. I didn't get it right away why eur was slowly going higher so I wasn't participating in that. Everything came close to morning highs, eur/jpy at 121. Dow started to slow down so I took a shot at eur/jpy short. Got out because it was around 1R and you never know is it reversal or just retracement. +10 full size pips


Darin said...

What software are you using for the Dow chart?

FX said...

There is UK for CFD broker that use Oanda's platform. So there can be opened demo. They have also oil and other indexes.