Friday, October 31, 2008

October 2008. results

- 280 pips

- 14 %


4x For Life said...

fx e-mail me from my blog i want to email you a book.

HPT said...

Did you ever try Boogsters ATS setup thru quotetracker FX?

FX said...

No hpt, I'm not so much in ATS, you think that I should look?

HPT said...

I'm trying to set one right now.

Jules said...


you left this comment on my blog: "It's never easy to deal with inner self and it's not at all trading problem, so it's hard to explain it on a trading blog."

I understand what you mean.

How we trade is a reflection of how we have been living our lives.

You're accountable to yourself and no others. Explanations are not necessary, but if there's anything that you need, just shout. If it's within my means, I'll be very happy to help.

I have something that I want to send you. Can you drop me your email address on my comment section (will not publish)?

FX said...

What can I say, you really do understand what I meant. Trading is just mirror image of our life, we are trading same as we are living. Some trading problems can't be deal with in trading arena because they really are not trading problems but life problems. On the chart it just looks like a really bad and obvious trading mistake, but remedy isn't just that plain and simple. So it's easy for us all to see problems in others, because to us without all information it all looks easy to deal with.

You can easy see my email in my blogger profile. I will send you email at you blogger stated address.