Thursday, February 28, 2008


First I got caught reckless in spike for -26 pips loss in gbp/usd, too wide s/l and no clear plan for exit. After that I was scalping all over the place with clear s/l levels but with less discipline on t/p part. On some trades exit was ok although it wasn't 1R but things just changed. Last trades in gbp/usd I had s/l at 38 and t/p 18 but I couldn't wait for it, too bad.
With scalping I gain back big part of initial loss for day end with -2 pips.

I start to use again 1min candle charts wit b. bands on it for my primary trading screen.

First thing in the morning I didn't want to trade, I was fed up with yesterday trading for a whole day. I think it would be wise to listen yourself, on the contrary I started trading and got big loss.

Eur/usd scalps were sweet with 0.5 pips spread much easier than 2.5 in gbp/usd and usd/chf. I was hesitating in that last short but I short it, quick exit saved me.

Sometimes I enter the trade because it's near support but trade doesn't cooperate at first. While it head in my direction in the end I'm full of it and totally change my opinion. Now thinking why did it come to support in the first place and I forget on my reversal plans.

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