Friday, February 29, 2008

February 2008. results

-177 pips

-9 %

I destroyed all my profits from January and more in 2 or 3 days. Last week was ok, I'm up 45 pips on smaller size. Well it's all trading process and learning.

Lately I don't trade beautiful trades, I just scalp a lot. On the other hand I can see the light in the tunnel regarding averaging and running small losses in wiping month of profits. I can see that any small loss will be gained in good trades and it's only trouble when I don't want to take it. It's all about self esteem in trading.

I still get mad on some losses and usually those are the trades that I didn't plan to take a loss on them. Yes, there are two types of trades now. Trades on which I plan to take a loss and the ones that I don't. It's stupid I know, but those compulsive trades just sneak in. Sometimes I plan to take a loss than change my mind, lol.

I'm also thorn between swing trading look at things and scalp trading the trades. I still want to take big profits but always just scalp. Why than I don't just scalp and take many scalp setups? No, I wait for in my mind swing setups and make scalp trades of them. The thing is that maybe they are not so good for scalping and there are more less risky just scalp moments.

Other thing is that I should stick more to wait for 1R on taking profits. I don't even talk about more than 1R.

The biggest issue of all is so strong reversal and fade the trend attitude. I really don't have the idea how to cope with that, I don't even try. I noticed that only when I'm in just scalping frame of mind I can take the signals of b/o or trend continuation. I must say that it's easier to spot moment for reversal because you just had action and some kind of reversal is reaction. There is always reaction only the size of it vary. On the other hand trend develop out of the blue. Many times something that look like possible trend in developing or something like that just happen to be nothing. In the end what is the use of trend trades when I can't stick in open profit and let it run.

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