Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A lot's of scalping

Gbp/jpy (1/3 size)
9 + 5 = 14 pips

Eur/usd (full size) it was not moving so I got out too early
+0.5 pips

Gbp/usd (2/3 size)
+3 pips


darma said...

sir, what's been the recent policy of oanda on scalping? thanks.

FX said...

I don't know. They didn't make any problems about that to any one as much as I know. I think that they only have those kind of policy to prevent people to take advantage of their platform using some other institutional platform to get quotes faster than Oanda and trade on Oanda with that knowledge. Those people are always split second in front of Oanda. As far as I'm concerned I didn't have any problems. My trading is not basically scalping (taking discrepancies in bid ask spread) so I think all will be fine.