Monday, November 12, 2007

Bottom picking nightmare

First of all trades were 1/3 regular size each, so it was easier to play around. Funny thing that if I just stayed in the first short trade I would get about two times of profit then all this parade gave to me.

It's hard not to think about catching the bottom after gbp/jpy was down 900 pips in two days at the moment that I started to trade. So big plus for me that I had that first short.

It was hard to watch how market popped up just when I closed next set of 3 positions. But I got out at the perfect moment for the third set of trades.

In the end of day market is down 1300 pips for the two day period. How to pick bottom with that kind of action. It's so easy to get yourself in thinking that it's worth it when market is 900 pips down and not to expect 400 down pips from there.

+34 regular size pips

Crazy roller coaster after my last exit

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