Sunday, January 11, 2015


My new trading related hobby is watching live trading videos and any other that are interesting. There is not much stuff on youtube that isn't some kind of selling and that's usually boring. So it's a pleasure when I find something good.

First there is blogger from The Trading Quest with his trading recaps:

And the other channel worth of mention is old one without new updates. It follows trade management of some broker. From my perspective very interesting stuff. The guy is also funny to listen because of his occasional excitement and self talk. Also the sounds that he do while he thinks. You got to check it out.


Brian Holiman said...

Thanks for the kind words and the mention for my blog.

FX said...

Your welcome Brian, I really enjoy your videos.

Brian Holiman said...

well, my vids are poorly done without much in the way of in depth analysis so I'm always surprised when people like them!!

FX said...

Why I like them? It's just looking over the other trader shoulder. The more raw and simple they are the better. No need for explicit learning, just sharing trading experience.

TimC said...

Hi FX,
I'm getting back into the game and thought I'd look up some blogs I visited years ago. One of them was yours. I always like to see how other traders trade. Sorry to see it didn't work out.
Fighting the trend never worked for me. Trading on the correct side of the MA may have worked better. The first consolidation after price flips to one side of the MA to the other is a great place to catch a ride on the new trend.

PRD trader said...

Hi,great you are back.How you been?How is your trading going?I can see you trading index and metal ,right,.Keep it up man.

FX said...

I still didn't give up ;)

@PRD trader
Yesterday I watched your new videos on youtube because your blog poped out in my rss reader :)

ultimate said...

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