Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last week

Finally I started to trade in between boundaries. Limiting my daily downside to acceptable 15 pips or so. Trading last week in those boundaries wasn't fruitful but I'm happy that I stayed with it. Basically it was all scalping in small range and that's hard for me. Exception was Friday when I really wasn't trading but I had charts open doing some profile setup experiments. Price started to fly and I took profitable trade. If I could only wait for that kind of fast momentum driven market and abandon everything else.


-15 pips


-15 pips


-18 pips

Breach of discipline but after I made and lost on that last trade after -15 pips limit I stopped trading and wasn't tempted.


+11 pips

Great market movement for scalping strong and decisive not usual lately.


Anonymous said...

Buddy, you got it man, you're almost there. Stop evertrading, and read the price direction (been there...)

Do this for one week, and you'll see amazinf results.

If price above 20, look for only buys on pullback, and the opposite for price below 20 sell only on pullbacks.

When you get this one covered, you can work on continuation trades.

Don't give up man, you're almost there. Love your clear charts


FX said...

Thanks, I'm learning and trying. Sometimes stubborn. But giving myself smaller and smaller leash.