Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scalping eurusd

By courtesy of spike around 12:10 I finished positive. Just look at my exit :)
Really powerful session.
At 11:10 I was ahead and that trade was 10 pips in my favor. It didn't break out, I closed at the worst moment and after it made terrible calls. So in three trades I was down -27 pips. All because I messed up that profitable trade.
From that point slow recovery. Tried to call a top in eur/jpy, was close but few minutes too early. Then successfully called a top in gbp/usd and then switched back to eur/usd trying to catch a bottom. What a show ending with +24 pips spike trade.

Mistakes, too slow on closing losing trades giving away 5, 6 or 10 pips. I'm satisfied with my scalping, I can see where I must improve, at then it's all golden.

+10 pips

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