Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hi to all readers, traders and bloggers

I'm finally back home after six weeks of fun at the seaside. I rushed into trading without much thinking. Not good result followed. I kind of liked not posting any blog posts, so this week I didn't post daily results. Maybe I will continue doing it like this with weekly installments. Main reason is that I don't want to talk about trading that much on a daily basis. Before I would wash up all my thinking after trading day in blog posts. Now I want those impressions to brew inside of me for a change. I definitely want to continue blogging and documenting my trades, so I'm not on verge of stopping.

What can I say about past week? I lost a lot trading with double size. Mostly being impatient and not waiting for things to materialize but "wanting them". Really good day was Wednesday where I did great in after the news trading and fast moving market. That day simply suited me and on other days I foolishly pressed. Many bad trades with 4x size could be a lot smaller losers if I didn't keep them open so long without real reasons.

Now I'm in survival mode. It's good, now I can't take trades because I can't afford more of the losses. So only hpt.
Did I need this? Probably not, but it was always like this before so why should something change just because I was away for some time.

You can see charts from this week's trades in post below.


Joel Pinto said...

Hello. Great to see you back! Hope you can get better results next week.

HPT said...

Hey FX,
Trading as I've learned over the years is about hitting singles, and hopefully one day we bag a homerun. Wait for signals and hit lots of singles and they will win you money in the long run consistently. It is as soon as we start gunning for homeruns is when we take big hits to our account.

Black said...

Welcome back FX!

DT233 said...

Nice to see you back FX.

FX said...

Guys thanks for all your welcome back comments! I feel pretty much great even thou my mental setup for trading is far from ok. I'm way off inclined to bad side. We'll see..