Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lucky to be profitable

Pretty much mediocre trading today. Market wasn't in break out mode but something different. I'm not comfortable trading from retracement and that was game today. So I would go long when the move is near end, then wait out through retracement to get some tiny profit. On my third trade I had to close in a loss because news time was approaching. After the news I tried to be "creative" with 1/3 trades. I was lucky that market continued my way.
After all I had to be more "creative" and short gbp/jpy. O.k if I short it with 1/3 but when I add one more it's so close to full size in the most volatile pair. Very bad trading on idea that some resistance trendline from 4h time frame is on. Again some luck with really hitting resistance on usd/jpy and eur/gbp so I could close those two shorts profitable. I could get really burned. That 1/3 game would just lead me in averaging problems.
If there isn't trade that I like or market isn't suitable for me, well just don't trade.

+9 pips

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