Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hello to all

Hello to all, just a quick update that I'm well and well tanned. I had very, very, very long summer vacation (read two weeks for every "very"). I had some trades, more for fun then anything else. I wish to head into direction of smallish stops. Well my first trade after trading brake was me being bad as before but with small size. After I behaved ok but wasn't really in the position to mess up, we will see how will I behave in the future. For all effort I'm up on this vacation trades 4 pips or 0.3% :)






Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

Now stop screwing around and get to work.

Trade the plan, and only the plan.

Or else.

Syed Omar (Hilmy) said...

i'll see you in the 'pit' next week. welcome back

FX said...

Only the plan :D

Thanks guys on welcome


Missed the shit out of you bro. Now stop fooling around! ;) I have had much success in my recent spot trading using 5pips MAX stop but moving to break even as soon as I'm in the money 3-4 pips. Taking profit at 6-7 pips or more. I am excited to say I don't think I will be trading Spot FX anymore, but you'll find out soon enough what I'm talking about.

FX said...

Nice to hear from you orion, guess that you are going Fx futures then, but we will see soon. I'm also in my thoughts close to small stops like that. It can be little bigger for me but in general, small stops are only thing that can make me inside boundaries of reasonable trading. I'm talking about me and my mental makeup.
I'm glad that you are successful lately.

GulzaarFX said...

hello there.. i am a fellow aspiring forex trader. maybe we can collaborate on trading plans. i usually look at EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, and GBP/USD. good luck!

FX said...

HI Gulzaar, I usually scalp what is in front of me, so I don't have trading plans.

Mike said...

Back on a horse, I see. Great! Are you going to stick to short term scalping and use the same methodology? Or did you come up with different plan? Whatever the case, wish you luck.

FX said...

Hi Mike
My main consideration is disabling my flaws that come with widening stops and averaging. With scalping I can best control myself. Trade is working or it's not working. If I start looking to other time frames and clues I would find reasons why to stay in bad trade.
I was making analysis of higher time frames while I was on vacation, I intend to continue with that, but now don't know how to implement it yet.