Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As bad as it gets

For first I'm terrible at understanding what is going on in market and usually get it the wrong way. Add to that bad habits that popped out and you get a disaster. I averaged today, than averaged again with double size. Well I really got to take step back. If this market is to volatile for trading as before I got to make new plan. I certainly don't intend to average because it will sometimes work, like it did today, but if not I lose control and it cost me too much. Well it's better not to trade at all than to do bad things and bad trades. I got to leave that feeling of hurry and need to make profit behind me. I've got lucky today and that's all. I'm really not proud of how I handled things today. I just hope that I will stand still for as long as it takes. It's not necessary not to trade but at least understand that market is hard for me and that I don't get it quite well. I really don't. So I need that negative bias to stop being so reckless.
-7 pips



Simple mistakes that people make every now and then... Look at those charts. You were trying to force the market down man. Do you remember when I said

"If its really going to come down, its got to come back to your original entry first"?

That is the reason you averaged, because you forgot that. Be careful friend.

FX said...

Yeah, I really got to be careful. I got really scared today, not by possible loss but with what I was doing.


i know what you mean, its scary to see yourself doing shit you thought you were totally over...

I think you should try and develop your belief that anything can happen.

Have you been watching my YouTube vids?

4x For Life said...

7 pips are you kidding? dude hmmmmm
it will get better hunny i promise.
I stayed out today just had a feeling and now i am glad i did looks sideways to me. I have (watched the vid) and need you to email me dude.


I need to email you? was that to me?

FX said...

Well orion I didn't watch them all, I wasn't into it lately. It will come up on my schedule :D

Well 4x, -7 pips is not bad, but bad was my trading today. So, what you say on orion machine's videos?