Monday, December 31, 2007

December 2007. and year end results

-25 pips or -1.4% for December

I had nice winning month until I made -150 pips day. I got to say that days like that are more rare than ever and that I can see improvements in preventing them.

For year end I can say that it's my best year so far with -19% total money loss LOL.

It's best year because I had 6 positive months and losses are smaller and smaller. I noticed that after I additionally funded account in June bringing it to three times bigger size than ever before things started to become better. It's harder to lose bigger amount of money than smaller and winners are sweet, so my trading improved. Yes I still trade mainly against the trend, average down and move stops, but I can see subtle differences and they are my best motivators so far. I can see change to the better.

I wish happy New Year to all my readers, profitable trading and peace of mind.

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